Concord General Store

The Store

Concord General Store was established in 2001, as a haven off the highway. The owners hoped to create a stop that provided customers with the typical convenience of a gas station; with the additions of organic, healthy, and local options. Since opening, Concord General Store has evolved into a stop that provides multiple different products and services for its diverse clientele. So stop in, for a typical convenience good or for something a bit more unique-CGS has it all!



Local & Organic Options

Concord General Store strives to offer quality, local product offerings from the Wisconsin area. These include Just Coffee, Concord Honey, Suzy Bars, and so much more! By offering local products, CGS hopes to further the idea of shopping local and supporting local businesses. Check out the photos below for some examples of the unique product offerings at Concord General.

Have a local product or know of one you would like in the store? Feel free to contact us through the site or via Facebook and let us know about it!

Moose Cafe

In 2016, Concord General decided to expand their coffee offerings through opening a coffee bar. Here, customers can order typical cafe drinks, like; lattes, mochas, americanos, and many more. Now, you can get your “fancy” coffee drinks at your local gas station!

moose cafe.jpeg


Kombucha on Tap

In the summer of 2018, Concord General Store brought NessAlla Kombucha to the store, on tap. The store hosts three flavors of Kombucha, two permanent and one seasonal. The current flavors available at CGS are: Raspberry, Lemon Grass, and Watermelon